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David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course

Examples of some of the changes to the rules of golf...

1). Search time (Rule 18)

Previously, five minutes were available for finding a lost ball.

Now, the maximum search time is only three minutes.

Good to know: Most balls were previously found within three minutes and searching during the last two minutes was often unsuccessful – it is therefore not expected that this rule change will have a negative impact on scores.

2). Ball moved during a search (Rule 7)

Previously, the player usually incurred a penalty stroke if he moved his ball during a search.

Now, a mishap such as this is without penalty.

Good to know: You can therefore use your feet and your clubs when searching in thick grass without any consequences. The ball must be put back.

3). Identifying the ball (Rule 7)

Previously, if you wanted to pick up your ball to identify it, you had to inform a fellow-player in advance and give him the opportunity to observe the process.

Now, you no longer have to inform a fellow-player.

Good to know: If circumstances allow, it is still advisable to inform your fellow-players before you pick up your ball as a matter of courtesy and in order to avoid misunderstandings.

4). Provisional ball (Rule 18)

Previously, a provisional ball could only be played before the player walked down the fairway to look for his first ball (however, going forward as far as 50 yards (45 meters) was allowed).

Now, you can also play a provisional ball after you have already looked for your original ball for a while.

Good to know: Now that the search time has been reduced to three minutes, it will be virtually impossible to play a provisional ball after you have already searched for a while. Because, after the three minutes have expired, it is no longer a provisional ball but it automatically becomes the new ball in play.

5). Club-length (Definition)

Previously, the player could use any of his clubs to measure out a club-length.

Now, a club-length is defined as the longest club in your bag, except for the putter.

Good to know: Using extra-long, “broom handle” putters for measuring is thus no longer allowed.

6). Dropping (Rule 14)

Previously, the ball had to be dropped from shoulder height.

Now, you have to drop from knee height.

Good to know: If you drop from shoulder height out of habit don’t worry, just pick the ball up and drop it again correctly, without penalty.

7). Touching the sand in the bunker (Rule 12)

Previously, touching the sand in the bunker before the stroke was not permitted, except for very few exceptions.

Now, touching the sand incidentally is basically allowed, i.e. you are permitted to lean on your club. However, you are still not allowed to test the condition of the sand before the stroke is played, improve the line of play, ground the club in front of or behind the ball or touch the sand during practice swings.

Good to know: You therefore now do not have to be extra careful in bunkers, especially if you are not very close to the ball.

8). Loose impediments (Rule 15)

Previously, touching leaves, twigs, stones, branches and other loose impediments in bunkers and water hazards was not allowed.

Now, you can remove them anywhere without penalty, including in bunkers and penalty areas (new name for water hazards).

Good to know: Please bear in mind that the ball is still not allowed to move when removing loose impediments.

9). Penalty areas (Definition)

Previously, water hazards could only be marked as such if they actually contained water.

Now, water hazards are called penalty areas and no longer have to contain water.

Good to know: This means that golf clubs are free to mark other parts of the course as penalty areas to enable sideways drops and thus speed up the game.

10). Dropping options with penalty areas (Rule 17)

Previously, with lateral water hazards, it was possible to drop on the opposite side of where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.

Now, it is called a red penalty area and it is no longer possible to drop on the opposite side.

Good to know: This option was previously hardly ever used and it only led to confusion.

Wilson Staff Golf Demo Day

Friday 29th March 2019

Try all the latest Wilson Staff Golf equipment and add yards to your game!

Come and try the NEW Wilson Cortex driver which won the Golf Channel Driver v’s Driver competition in 2018.

A Wilson Staff golf representative will be joining Mark and Andy for a full day from 9am-5pm to demonstrate all the Wilson Staff golf equipment available in 2019.

So why not book your FREE custom fit 1 hour slot and see if the latest technology can straighten your drives, add yards to your game and help you to enjoy the game further.

Clubs will be available to order once fitting has taken place and every participant will receive a Wilson Staff Duo pack of golf balls.

To guarantee your FREE 1 hour custom fitting experience through Wilson Staff golf here at David Lloyd Hampton GC you will need to book nearer the date. A reminder email will be sent nearer the time to get yourself involved.

Equipment available to try include…

 New Wilson Staff Cortex Driver
 Wilson Staff C300 Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids
 New Wilson Staff D7 Irons
 Wilson Staff C300 Irons
 Wilson Staff FG V6 Forged Irons
 Wilson Staff D350 Irons
 Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Wedges
 Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Range

Wilson Staff Demo Day is aimed at ALL players who are looking to find
more consistency within all shots in their game so don’t miss this
opportunity to try the latest equipment at no cost.

For more information contact your club PGA Professionals, Mark Richecoeur and Andy Morgan. 0208 7832445 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

January 2019 Competition Winners

Competition Date Name of Winner Score
January Midweek Stableford 2nd January  Elias Patel 29 points 
January Stableford 6th January  Jason Kotowski 36 points
Janaury Members 9 Hole Stableford 7th January  Peter Tomalin 21 points
Men's January Midweek Stableford 12th January  Brigitte Lockwood 16 points
January Mixed 9 Hole Stableford 16th January  Mani Sharma 35 points
Ladies January Midweek Stableford 16th January  Karen Crawford 34 points
Men's January Stableford 20th January  Steve Amos 36 points
Ladies January Stableford 20th January  Kristina Larsson 23 points
January Members 9 Hole Stableford 21st January  Sid Last 18 points
January Mixed 9 Hole Stableford 26th January  Don Mackenzie 18 points

 Well done to all the above competition winners throughout January!

The Pam Clarke cup had a strong amount of entrants with 17 players meeting together to complete 18 holes of stableford golf. This club 'major' event finished with 10 the top 11 players all having handicaps which were 19 or better. 

This years event followed a similar pattern to some of the last few major events being decided by a count back, 37 points was the winning score which was shared between Clive Mansfield and Jason Kotowski. It was won by Clive who managed 20 points on the back 9 holes compared with Jason's 19 points.

Well done Clive Mansfield!

Another new event for the 2018 calendar which is sponsored by the PGA and Lombard (specialists in vehicle finance) and a event which carries a potentially huge prize!

The winner of this event not only claims the days prize money but also books themselves a place to play with Head PGA Professional, Mark Richecoeur in a 4 Ball Better Ball format at Camberley Heath Golf Club in the Regional Final. If victorious at this event both Mark and the winner will book themselves a trip to Portugal to play in the Finals in September this year.

This event saw 13 players enter and only 2 players competing for the top spot. Alex Body claimed 2nd spot with 37 points seeing the Men's Club Champion missing out on count back to the winner Paul Williams who also carded a score of 37 points.

Paul was thrilled to have won this event and looks forward to the company of Mark Richecoeur as they both look forward to trying to clinch the top spot on 12th June at Camberley Heath.

Well done Paul Williams!

The annual Short Game Golf Academy Par 3 Masters Competition took place on Wednesday 5th April and with testing windy and wet conditions some wonderful scores were had.

This years men's winner Mike Nowjee equaled the competition course record of 27 (level par) beating 2 players who carded a 28 (+1) and claiming second spot. They were Clive Mansfield and Charlie Summers.

The ladies division was won with a very respectable score of 29 (+2) and was won by Ingrid Deane-Williams who beat Brigitte Lockwood by one shot who carded a 30 (+3).

In testing conditions this year and a difficult course set up these winning scores were excellent and each of the winners (Mike Nowjee and Ingrid Deane Williams) have earned themselves a fantastic prize of 2 x 30 minute golf lessons with any of the Short Game Golf Academy instructors, 1 years SGGA Practice Club Membership to hone their short game skills further and also 1 dozen Srixon Golf Balls. 

Thank you to all of the 31 players who participated - a video covering some highlights is being put together and will be shared very soon.

A new club fixture which will become a club 'major' event in future years. Played over 18 Holes from the white & red plates this Medal competition was played this year on a unusually  wet golf course for the time of year. This however didn't stop the majority of the lower handicappers who mostly carded a score very close to or if not to their handicap. 

The top 3 players were only separated by a count back decision as their net scores were all shared on a respectable level par (70). Ben John came overall 3rd losing out to 2nd place winner John Paul-Watterson. However it was the clubs youngest active competition player Alex Body (also current Gross Club Champion) who claimed the days title. Alex carded a net 70 and won on count back. 

Well done Alex a great score in testing conditions.


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