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David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Course

The weather was very kind to us this year with the best conditions possible for the 35 players who participated. 

We have received various messages and comments about how fun this event was and presented a stern test of the short game and highlighted some areas of weakness that need some attention for some players.

This year the winning score for the men was 28 (+1) and was achieved by Simon Rowland. Well done Simon this was an excellent score and was closely competed against by runners up Sacha Chavlin 29 (+2) and Jon Grafton (+2).

Our ladies winner with a very respectable score of 33 (+6) was Ginny Greig and second place with a score of 35 (+8) goes to Janet Dewey.

Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to sharing with you all a video which is being made up and will be with me over the next couple of weeks.

1st Place prize is 1 Year Practice Membership at the Short Game Golf Academy and includes 2 x 30 minute lessons.

2nd Place prize is 1 dozen Wilson Staff DX2 golf balls. 

Many of you will be already aware that when we have a competition which become a mixed competition due to lower than 3 ladies playing, ladies receive 3 courtesy shots to their handicap. This is due to the course S.S.S (Standard Scratch Score) being different from the red plates to the white plates.

These extra 3 shots will be added to the players' handicap when we enter the scores onto the handicapping system. 

IMPORTANT: Please remember ladies, that when a competition is mixed (once again due to 2 or 1 ladies playing) that you have these 3 extra shots and that you take this into consideration when scoring as you wouldn't want to pick up your ball before you have taken into consideration of these extra shots as you could do yourself out of a point!

For example:  Mrs Great plays has a handicap of 36 which means she usually receives 2 shots per hole but on this occasion with the competition being mixed she receives 3 extra shots onto her handicap making her handicap for this mixed event 39.

So on 3 holes she will now be receiving 3 shots not the usual 2 she would normally receive. These 3 holes will of course be the 3 hardest holes (stroke index 1,2 &3) so 2nd, 4th and 11th holes. She must remember that these 3 shots are on these holes otherwise picking up the ball after 7 shots on a par 4 hole would result in a no score on that hole when the ball should've been pick up after 8 shots on a par 4.

It has come to my attention that there are several members who are playing in competitions who are picking up their ball as a 'gimmie' and do not hole out. 

All stroke play competitions which are played (Medal or Stableford) MUST be holed out to complete a score for that hole.

Stableford competitons can have the added benefit of speeding up the pace of play, as once it is no longer possible to score a point, players do not have to complete the hole but can simply pick up their ball and proceed to the next hole.  

In a Medal competition the ball must be holed out on every hole to return a score, otherwise the score will be classified as a 'Non-Return'.

Anyone who does not hole out correctly will be disqualified under the rules of golf.

Please note that 'gimmies' are fine to receive in general play games as this does speed up play.

It is allowed to give and receive 'gimmies' during match play knockout games or matches against other clubs as this format of play is against a single player or a pair.

18 Hole Knockout - ENTER NOW!

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to include yourself in these knockout competitions. 

Last years knockout competitions were very successful  and I hope that this year we will have more entrants. You will not be able to enter for these knockout competitions after Thursday 25th April so please respond to respond by email as soon as possible.

When entering please email with your full name, contact telephone number and if you would like to be entered into either;

1). Men's 18 Hole Summer Knockout

2). Ladies 18 Hole Summer Knockout

3). Pairs 18 Hole Summer Knockout (Mixed) 

You will need to put £5 per competition entry in an envelope with your name on into the white box beneath the golf club notice board.

If this is not paid before the Sunday 12th of May 2019 you will be withdrawn.

Ladies will be receiving 1 courtesy shot in the mixed pairs knockout.

You must have a current club handicap to enter this event. I look forward to receiving your entry and will publish the draw on the website. 

Congratulations to Jason Kotowski for winning our Qualifier (see below). He will now play the next round at Foxhills with Andy Morgan on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

It was fantastic to see that all 19 players were playing at below 2 hour pace for the 1st 9, the best being 95 minutes and the 4 ball at the end of the field 105 minutes.

A new precedent has been set!!! Let’s keep this up and be mindful that visitors are paying good money and should not be held up unduly.

Player Score Placing Countback Revised
1 Kotowski, Jason 41 pts (09) Overall Winner   8.3
2 Campbell, Jim 39 pts (16) Overall Runner-Up   15.4
3 Todd, Bill 35 pts (18)     17.6
4 Leech, Peter 32 pts (16)     16.4
5 Madgin, Ian 31 pts (18)   Last Nine Holes 18.5
6 Mansfield, Clive 31 pts (20)   Last Nine Holes 19.8
7 Allen, Dan 31 pts (15)     14.6
8 Patel, Elias 30 pts (12)   Last Nine Holes 12.5
9 Sanders, David 30 pts (30)   Last Nine Holes 29.6
10 Body, Alex 30 pts (06)     5.6
11 El-Chamaa, Atef 29 pts (16)   Last Three Holes 16.4
12 Last, Sid 29 pts (22)     22.2
13 Nowjee, Mike 28 pts (18)     17.9
14 Rowland, Simon 27 pts (08)     8.1
15 Bell, John 24 pts (17)     17.5
- Deane-Williams, Ingrid 33 pts (24) DQ: Rule 3.3c   21.1
- MacKenzie, Donald 38 pts (18) DQ: Rule 3.3c   18.1
- Larsson, Kristina 25 pts (36) DQ: Rule 3.3c   33.3
Players with Non-Competition Handicaps
- Grafton, Jon 27 pts (19)     19.3

Scorecards & Disqualification 

Over recent months we have seen a huge spike in scorecards being completed very poorly. Please be reminded that a scorecard that is not completed correct can lead to disqualification and also scorecard which is difficult to understand and completed in a poor way can also lead to disqualification.

We have also had to disqualify lots of people over the past 3-4 months and most commonly this is down to the over stating of stableford points on a card. Please double check your scorecard before submitting it as we really do not like disqualifying players through such minor errors. After all you are the ones who are spending a few hours out there and working hard to achieve a good score, it really is a shame to have gone through all that effort only to find you have been disqualified.

Surrey Golf County Cards

These will be picked up from Surrey County Office next week and will be available to collect from reception from Monday 25th March. We have a county card for every golf member and health club members who would like one need to request this in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1st April and these will be ordered for you. The cost for a health club member who wishes to have a Surrey County Golf Card is £30.00 as this fee we have to pass onto Surrey Golf & England Golf. If you do not want a Surrey Golf County Card then there is no cost. Once payment has been made your card will be ordered and sent to us within 1 week.

Surrey county cards carry a discounted green fee rate for over 1000 golf courses throughout England.

Order of Merit (OOM) & Eclectic

As of the 1st March 2019 all competitions played will be added towards the relevant Order of Merit and Eclectic. Events from 1st March-31st October will be included. 

OOM points are awarded as follows...

1st Place - 10 points plus 1 for every player beaten

2nd Place - 8 points plus 1 for every player beaten

3rd Place - 6 points plus 1 for every player beaten

4th Place - 4 points plus 1 for every player beaten

5th Place - 2 points plus 1 for every player beaten

6th place onwards - 1 point plus 1 for every player beaten

Eclectic is the best score per hole added together throughout the season with the handicap taken into account to give the net score. 

Competition Date Name of Winner Score
March Mixed 9 Hole Stableford 2nd March Sid Last 17
March Members 9 Hole Stableford 4th March Walter Cormack 18
March Stableford 10th March David Sanders 34
March Mixed 9 Hole Stableford 16th March Nashir Majumder 20
March Members 9 Hole Stableford 18th March Geoff Baker 17
Men's March Midweek Stableford 20th March Gerry McFadden 34
Ladies March Midweek Stableford 20th March Ingrid Deane-Williams 34
Spring Meeting - Medal 30th March Nashir Majumder 66

Well done to all the above competition winners throughout March!

February 2019 Competition Winners

9 Hole Knockout Winners:

Ladies 9 Hole Knockout 2018/19 was won by Catherine Franklin who was victorious over Lynne Hand in the final. Well done Catherine!

Men's 9 Hole Knockout 2018/19 hasn't yet been decided. The final will be played very soon between Gerry McFadden and Colm Curran, good luck to both.

Mixed Pairs 9 Hole Knockout 2018/19 was won by Kevin Keown & Ingrid Deane-Williams who were triumphant over Jon Grafton and Ian Madgin. Well done Ingrid and Kevin!

Competition Date Name of Winner Score
February Members 9 Hole Stableford 4th February Sid Last 19
Ladies Midweek February Stableford 7th February Brigitte Lockwood 29
Men's Midweek February Stableford 7th February Sid Last 35
February Stableford 10th February Atef El-Chamaa 33
February Mixed 9 Hole Stableford 16th February Elias Patel 22
February Members 9 Hole Stableford 18th February Don MacKenzie 17
Men's February Midweek 20th February Elias Patel 36
Ladies February Midweek Stableford 20th February Brigitte Lockwood 34
February Stableford 24th February Alex Body 39













Well done to all the above competition winners throughout February!

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